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First Aid for Fire Cracker Burns for Diwali Celebrations

Diwali is the most favorite festival for children, as they are allowed by the parents to burn crackers on that day. On the auspicious occasion, new clothes, sweets & crackers stand prioritized. So, undoubtedly it brings lots of fun & joy, but concurrently it allows minor burns too.

We as a parent always being cautious to safeguard our children, but at the same time, there are chances for misfortunes too.

You can’t stop those fire burns but you can minimize the risk by following safety precautions. Fire burns are common, so make sure you have a first aid kit while playing with crackers.

Keep a bucket of water near by, which will be helpful and work as an instant first aid.

Acquire some guidelines mentioned here which will be useful while confronting minor and major fire injuries.

For Minor Burn Injuries

  • Water gives instant relief for any pain caused by fire crackers & it prevents the wound from getting bigger.
  • Show the burnt part under the running water or cover the area with a wet cloth.
  • Many suggest ice for the pain relief factor, But it is not a good idea, instead of curing, it makes the burn worse.
  • If the burnt area is your eye, then rinse it with water & if it still feels irritating then approach hospital immediately.
  • When the fire spread throughout the body, roll the person on the ground in order to turn the fire off & seek firefighting department once after you treat with first aid.
  • To prevent the burn from getting worse, you can apply neem, coconut oils or honey on the burnt spot.
  • Minor burns are less in risk but go for proper treatment if the burn gets swelling.

For Major Burn Injuries

  • The best & immediate action you can to do with the person who was affected by fire burn is, roll the victim with a blanket & scroll them on the floor.
  • Removing burnt clothing will peel out the skin, So Let the cloth where it was.
  • Sinking the burnt part in the cold water may cause shock, so avoid this in the case of severe burns.
  • Keeping the burning place moist is the best way for pain relief, Use banana leaf in such cases.
  • Keep windows open & let the person free for breathing comfortably.
  • Do not stand around the victim as they can’t get easy breathing ability.
  • Remove the jewelry because they retain the heat & it stops the blood flow too.

Home Remedies for Treating Fire Burns

Proceed below to check out some of the home remedies here for treating firecracker burns.

Cold water & cold milk

Show the affected area in the flowing cold water or cold milk. Do not use ice cubes on it as they can stop the blood flow & damage delicate tissues. Repeat for some time that could relieve pain.


Potatoes are the best remedy for minor burns. Place a slice of potato on the burnt area to soothe it. Make sure the juice from potato released over the burnt part. Do not give too much pressure on it & use immediately after the burn occurs.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel or juice is the best remedy for soothing the wound. Prepare the directions of use before applying it. Rinse the affected area with vinegar or cold water and apply the aloe vera gel on it. Wait for the area to absorb the gel for few hours.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains anti-fungal & anti-bacterial elements like fatty acid such as myristic acid, lauric acid, and capric acid & it is good for cracker burns.


The best stuff that works against inflammation. Apply as a paste mixing with warm milk on the affected area. Turmeric gives an effective remedy for all minor & major injuries.

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