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15 Golden Tips for Safer and Healthy Diwali

Diwali, the festival of lights is the most expected celebration inaugurated by most of the people around the world. The celebration of festival starts one week before the day of Diwali, all might have started preparing delicious desserts, sweets, and snack items.  Most of the home starts preparing this sweets before 1 weeks and mostly prepared sweet includes seedai, murukku, gulab jamun, rava ladoo and much more.Decorating the homes are also an important part of Diwali, people uses torans, lanterns, paper cups, wall hanging, homemade decorations items to color their home to make it attractive. bursting crackers is the most fun and colorful part in the festive part. In the case of fireworks there are a lot of items to noticed before performing the action. Today we will check for the important and golden tips you need to notice and take care for having a safer, happy and colorful diwali.

  1. Ensure you buy crackers online or from standard reputed and licensed store so that you need not worry about any minor or major burns caused due to rotten or bad crackers. Getting the rotten crackers will lead you to fire breakouts or any other problems.
  2. Make sure you are having a bucket of water or sand so that you can put the burnt crackers inside them to avoid unnecessary hurts.
  3. If there are any patients with chronic lung disease then they must be clear that they are out of the crackers pollution or the fireworks smoke.
  4. People can use face masks in the case if they are in the situation to go out on the day of Diwali in the midst of firecrackers.
  5. Never fail to wear ear plug devices so that you can protect your eardrum from the noise pollution.
  6. In the case of children’s bursting crackers, as a parents it’s your responsibilities to take care of them, never leave them alone while firing crackers. Keep an eye on them or allocate an adult to supervise them.
  7. While bursting crackers, make sure you are not bursting it by catching in your hand, this may cause many major fire accidents.
  8. It’s good to keep two set of blankets near you so that it would be helpful in the case of fire breakouts.
  9. Make sure you have a fire extinguisher near, it is one of the important aspect in any major fire accidents.
  10. Never wear loose or flaunty fancy clothes while firing crackers or igniting diyas, candles etc as these clothes catches fire easily.
  11. Body Fit cotton clothes would be perfect for bursting crackers.
  12. Make sure you are having every medical properties as on the day of diwali stores may remain closed.
  13. Keeping a first aid kit will help you to avoid major injuries and help you to reduce pain and burnout sensations.
  14. Make sure you are getting the proper lightings in the case of electric lamps as poor quality lightings can cause short circuits.
  15. If you are getting readymade foods for Diwali, make sure you are not keeping them for more than one day as most of the items loses it refreshness within 24 hours.

Bottom Line Following the above safety precautions and ideas will help you in reducing the minor and major accidents caused due to firecrackers or other lighting issues. Diwali- the festive of lights must add up colour and brightness to your life rather than adding darkness.