Special Crackers that Kids Love to Crack on this Diwali

Can you imagine celebrating Diwali without crackers? Yep! Seems freak right? The celebration starts from the day before Diwali & it ends till the late night of the festival day.

Diwali is a festival of light, and crackers place an important area among all the generations particularly kids. Yes, Crackers are kid’s favorite as it is a visual treat of colorful lights. They can never give up having fun by burning crackers, but the parents feel little unsafe of burning fire crackers.

There are vast kinds of crackers available in the market but some of them are specially made for kids. All the kids’ items are safe and free from unexpected fire. The parents prefer to buy simple, noiseless, colorful crackers over noisy, risky ones. The kids also accept to go with those crackers instead of persisting for risky items.

Flowers Pots, Chakras, Sparklers, Roll caps and more like those were the kid’s favorite earlier days. Nowadays fire work companies are making varieties in crackers by including various colors and models. Purchasing is very simple now; you can order crackers online stores. You can have vast options for kids to elders. For kids, companies concentrate fancy crackers & they compete themselves.

The company focuses on producing innovative crackers every year to attract kids. Crackers are modified and fabricated with extra features as per the kid wish; companies won’t compromise with the fun & joy for that. As Diwali comes near, firework companies are ready to present new arrivals in the market.

Magnetic torch multi color candles like roman candles, Aerial outs, Assorted cartoon, Mine of serpents, TV tower, Signal Lights, Magic tree, Swastik wheels, Color changing butterfly, Flashing diamonds, Jumping Frog, Star fire, Color changing balls, Red vampire, Happy spring, Cluster of stars, Royal gems, Color thunder bolt, Super star crackling, rainbow fog, Silver rain, Color smoke fountains, 1000 gems in the sky, Lavender lights spring willow, Golden Spider, Garden of Eden, Gold coins, Gold dust, Ping pong, Hall mark, Euro trip, Sun and moon, Helios, Corel reefs, Wings, Guns and roses, Crackling wonders, Crackling feast & much more crackers are arrived & moulded with extra fun features for kids.

Cartoon Characters

Companies are concentrating famous cartoon character inclusion in the crackers which are highly welcomed among kids. They provide popular cartoon fireworks for the kids which definitely leave entertain & make the day little more special. Cartoon crackers are designed with the colorful sprays which spread through the air while cracking. 

Multi-Color lights

The Golden whistle is a type of crackers which emits golden sparks with a whistle sound. Mine of serpents is a cracker which designed to produce color snakes on the ground. Kids love to crack uniquely designed & colorful lights, the colorful changing butterfly cracker made in such a way for kids. Chakras are common crackers that have been available on the market since the kid wishing for it. In addition to it, chakras release multi colors at each round it finishes. TV Tower, Magic tree, three stage satellite are the best picks for kids & those who love colors.

There are multiple options are available in today s market. Try our online shopping site crackersindia.com, we offer you the best & cheap crackers you can never find anywhere.

Give best to your kids & celebrate this Diwali with joy & safe.