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Traditions of Diwali and Their Significance

Festivals are considered as a treasure trove as it gives lots of joy & delightful moments for the whole day. Indians are king in celebrating festivals and heeding rituals with whole hearted. One of the significant festivals celebrated by many in India. Diwali is an occasion when people of India celebrate with compliance & exceeding various dissensions.

Diwali is reportedly called as festival of light, named because of the belief of the people that eliminated dark with the light of lamps.  Diwali celebrated by Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs and those who celebrate are believed in capsizing good & light over evil & darkness.

Celebrations are started with decorating the house with colorful lights & candles. Crackers  & Fireworks are getting a important place a vital role that all the kids are eagerly looking forward from a month before. The best part of Diwali is sharing gifts & sweets with neighbors that increase joy & makes relation further more strong. In the internet era, you can order crackers online for your kids.

What is Diwali?

Diwali is a five-day festival; the actual day is celebrated on the third day of the festival. Usually, this festival comes between in the middle of October or in the middle of November. The most heard story of Diwali festival is the celebration for Lord Rama & his wife Sita, returning to their kingdom after defeating the demon king Ravana which held in the 15th century(BC). Festival of light is celebrated for the victory of saint lord over the demon.

Enthralling Traditions of Diwali

Purifying the house

People in India celebrate Diwali with deep clean; because they believe the goddess Lakshmi shows blessings on those homes. They get ready through cleaning unwanted items and refurbish homes at the beginning of Diwali. People initiate Diwali by decorations such as drawing Rangoli at home, decorating home with strings of light, flower petals, streamers ribbons & so on.

Diwali Sweets

There are many sweets available in the market made especially for Diwali festival, but still, people prefer to go with home made recipes. The list is endless, sweet items vary from one to other regions, includes Sev, Chivda, Farsan, Barfi, Laddus, Gujiyas & so on. Sharing is the significant part of the festival so that people share sweets with their family & friends.


Since Diwali seems as an auspicious time to acquire new things, people celebrate it as a shopping festival. People who love shopping are the hero at Diwali period. Apart from simply getting ready for Diwali just purchasing clothes & sweets, there are many other things that people love to obtain such as jewels, Gold & silver coins, kitchenware, Electronics, Furniture & so on. It is also considered as a good time to invest in a big stuff such as property & vehicles.


Lighting up the house is the very important part of Diwali celebration. As the Diwali called as the festival of light, homes are decorated with the hand made earthen lamps with oil. Celebrating with lights is the way to invite the goddess Laxmi into one’s home. People fix it in the darkest corners of the home.

Crackers & Fireworks

Online Crackers are children’s most favorite section in the whole celebration. It starts before a week of Diwali day. Children would get ready to crack in the early morning itself and continue throughout the day end. They believe that cracking is the way of celebrating the victory of good over evil.

Sharing Gifts

The very pleasing tradition in the Diwali is exchanging gifts. While celebrating Diwali, people tend to share gifts to their friends & relatives which increase the love & joy. Some people gift sweets & dry fruits whereas some give rich electronic gadgets, gift vouchers & so on.