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Different Type of Firecrackers that are Mostly Brought for Diwali

Diwali is near! Any occasion is not complete if it does not hold the usage of fireworks. Bursting crackers brings joy and happiness to the festivals. There are a lot of fireworks available, but few crackers play a vital role in every occasion. Many intend to buy crackers online instead of getting their favorite Sivakasi fireworks from shops. Crackers online shopping has many benefits when compared to traditional shopping. Today we will check for top firecrackers that are used in every festival and occasion.

Flowerpots (Anar)

They are also called fountains and mostly preferred for their attractive display and colorful sparks blowing upwards. There are plenty of varieties based on the spark colors and height when considering this type of fireworks. The most used and brought Anar fireworks include Tower pots, Mini fountain gold, mini fountain red, crackling king, the lavish splendor, flower pots big, and more.

Ground Spinner

The other name for this type of fireworks is chakra or charkha, and this is one of the specialized fireworks loved by kids. The round shape and attractive colors make the kids excited, and they enjoy the colorful sparks. Some of the top ground spinner varieties include zamin chakkars big, zamin chakkars normal, zamin chakkars small, red, and green chakkars.


The fireworks of this type are also named as sounding fireworks, ladis, or bombs. They produce massive sounds while bursting and again get ignited for a certain period. You need to be careful while getting this type of fireworks. Choose the best fireworks shopping online and choose the best one for having a good experience.

3D Fireworks

The trending crackers available in 2020 is 3D fireworks. There are many 3D fireworks available in the market, and some of the famous 3D fireworks types include Phuljhari, Aakash tara, aerial shells, anars, and more. The hottest 3D fireworks are available now at 3D glasses, and they are developed to be environment friendly.

Electric Fireworks

Electric fireworks are eco-friendly but make a loud noise while bursting them. Another significant benefit of using electric fireworks is that they can be reused multiple times.


This type of fireworks is also called traditional crackers, and no occasion is fulfilled until it includes patakhas in the celebration.


The sparklers or fireworks are favorite fireworks that are developed with colorful lights and attractive shapes. A chemical solution is coated on the small metal stick, which is the top reason for the spark developed. There are different varieties of Phuljhari, namely whistle sparklers, color-changing sparklers, gold sparklers, and more.

Rockets and Akash Ganga

Rockets are part of every occasion and celebration. They reach the sky and burst with a short, loud noise. Few rockets are developed to produce sparks, and this should be burst during the night time. Akash tara is one type of fireworks in the rocket and sparklers form.

They are also called as comets or parachutes. They are developed to light up in the air and then busted in the high sky. Few Akash Ganga rockets are developed in more than 200 parachute colors that provide the humans as they are in the Milky Way galaxy. Few firecrackers of this type include flashing diamonds, single green coral, star fire red, super star crackling, sing red coral, silver rain, and more.

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