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Rocket Bomb Crackers

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Rockets are the favorite’s crackers to all starting from children to old people. The specialty of these rockets is that, they go up 20 feet in the sky like the real rock and burst out in the air, with golden sparks.

Contain Chemical Composition Loudness Duration Safety Distance Visual Effects How To Ignite?
10 Pcs (Per Box) """Al"" ,""S"", ""KNO3"",CHARCOAL"",""DEXTRIN""" Loud It lasts for 20 Seconds Each. To be safe stand at 5 Meters distance Once it is lit, it reaches up the sky and burst out with colorful golden sparks.

Use Bottles to make it Position and Light with agarbatti.It needs certain process to light the rockets. First keep the bottle in a flat surface and insert the rocket in it. The, keeping the rocket at the perfect angle light it with an agarpathi.




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