Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


We are a renowned crackers manufacturers, leading successfully for about 33 years. We provide the

best of our products and take immense care in satisfying our customers need. We have our own

manufacturing company and retail shops. As we produce the crackers on our own, there will be no

damage or any other malfunctioning. So far people bought crackers by travelling so far, but now we make

their task as easy as possible.Within a click of the button they can get their orders delivered to their door steps.

So crackers India would be the wisest choice for buying crackers.

2.How to place order?

Its very simple, first visit our website and go through all our products. Then finalise the products you

want, and click the button-Place order. If you want to buy multiple products, then choose the

product you want and add it to the cart, you later can browse all the products you want and add

them to the cart. Once you finish your shopping then go to My cart and press the option Place my

order. Once you click that button, you may be asked to fill the form. That’s all my folks,  as soon as

you finish filling the form , your orders will be despatched and you will be receiving it as soon as


3.When will I get my crackers?

We will deliver your orders within 3 to 6 days for Tamilnadu & 5 to 12 days for other state.

Home Delivery for Chennai,Coimbatore and Salem Only. For other areas the products will be delivered

to the nearest transport  office. After the 100% of payment in advance.

Products will be delivered within 3 to 6 days if the customer is in Tamil Nadu, for other states it may

take 5 to 12 days. Home delivery is possible only for Chennai, Coimbatore and Salem people. For

other cities the good will be delivered to the nearest Transport office. Yet another thing, the goods

will be delivered only after the complete payment of money.

4.What if  I have to order in bulk (above Rs 1,00,000)?

Just mail your needs, address, and other requirements to Akshayaacrakers, we will take immense

care in delivering your product and also we may give you special offers.

5.What are the discount offers available?

The price we have given in our website is already discounted to 50%, we give the best price in the

whole market. In case of discount we will let you know.

6.What is the brand of crackers do I get in

We are the most notable fire work industry in India known for its quality and quantity. Our brand is

Akshayaa fireworks industry and Sri Amman fireworks  functioning successfully from 1989.

7.How can I pay for my orders?

You can pay using credit cards, net banking and debit cards.

8. Concept of

We are a renowned and trustable crackers shop in Sivakasi -Tamilnadu; we focus in giving the best

products to the people. And also we won’t charge you double for transport, instead we make you

pay your own transport charges

9. Where should pay delivery charge?

Delivery charges should be paid only to the lorry man and the delivery person by you. You can find

the nearby lorry station from the site itself. From there you can collect the your crackers Box.

10. How much varieties of Crackers does have?

We have a wide range of crackers; more than 200 types of crackers are there in Crackers India.

11. How did the lorry transport agencies authenticate me?

We will mail you the LR no of the Lorry that going to delivery.

your product, from there you can collect your product by saying the correct LR no.



Q- How to I Cancelled order?

There will be no cancellation for successful transcation. For refunds or failure transactions,please write to with the transaction details.

Q- How to I get my refunds?

Refunds shall be initiated only for failed transactions. The payment shall be refunded with in 10 working days from the date of transaction.